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FoodShare is a non-profit organization that works with communities and schools to deliver healthy food and food education. We believe everyone deserves access to affordable high-quality fresh food. Since 1985, FoodShare has pioneered innovative programs like the Good Food Box, impacted what kids eat in school, and improved the way people eat and grow food across Toronto every day.

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FoodShare’s supporters help make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands across Toronto. THANK YOU to each and every one of our visionary donors, core funders, foundations, faith groups, unions and levels of government. You help us pioneer, champion and share effective food programs every day.
We’re proud to be a Charity Intelligence Canada 4-star organization.

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FoodShare collaborates with local organizations and community leaders on projects like gardens, Good Food Stops and so much more! Partnerships lead to strong tools and scalable solutions, solutions that work for universal food problems.
Each community is unique and so are its strengths. Collaborative projects leverage local knowledge to generate growing, adaptive programs.

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