Modelling Change and Sharing the Power of Food

Vision, Mission & Values

Good Healthy Food for All!

Most people believe that access to food is a basic human right, because, like air or water, it is fundamental to health and survival. But the question is how to make this right a reality. First, should food be subjected to the same rules of market distribution that govern, say, soap or toothpaste? We believe there is a role for non-profit food distribution mechanisms, of which the Good Food Box is one example.

What we’ve come to realize is that the “what” and “how” of food access is also important. All of our projects and programs are based on the premise that it’s not just any food that we’re talking about. We try to promote an awareness that fresh, whole foods are key to health, well-being and disease prevention, and to illustrate this principle through all our programs.

How people get their food is also important. Food distribution systems that involve communities and help to support and create neighbourhood leaders have a great potential to enhance individual and community empowerment, by leading people to feel that they have some control over this very basic part of their lives. Again, because of its material, cultural and social importance, food is special in its power to mobilize people to action. All our programs are based on this community building principle.


Increasing Knowledge of and Access to Good Healthy Food

Modelling Change and Sharing the Power of Food

FoodShare pioneers by creating empowering tools and scalable solutions, sharing freely these resources in an “open source” approach. Our staff work to support and mentor communities in drawing on their own strengths to adapt and grow solutions. This community development partnership model means that our work is leveraged exponentially, garnering impacts that grow as information and skills are adapted and passed along to others and ensuring that each dollar we invest in our programs multiplies, impacting the greatest number of people, providing tools and support that continue giving.

Values & Beliefs

FoodShare is committed to providing visionary leadership within the food security movement locally, nationally and internationally, collaborating with other social justice movements that share its values.