Why can't kids have healthy food in schools? They can.

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"Toronto chef Jesus Gomez makes vegetable-focused school cafeteria food kids will actually eat." - Jennifer Bain, Toronto Star

Myth: kids won’t eat healthy food. Truth: if you cook it, they will come.

With our Good Food Cafés dishing up healthy eats across all four school boards daily, we’re modeling a universal, healthy school cafeteria. Each Good Food Café serves high quality, diverse, rotating menus at a low cost. With the average meal at a $3 to $4 price point, kids can enjoy dishes like jerk chicken, mac & cheese and the best squash & bean burritos in town. Paired with fresh vegetables and fruit, it’s no wonder that kids line up for seconds.

Welcome to the future of school lunches.

Good Food Café

With our Good Food Cafés, we're showing that kids will eat healthy food. It's all about serving food that's cooked from scratch, tastes great and fuels minds. Hear from some of the kitchen staff making healthy meals every day.

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Mario Paz // Good Food Café Coordinator