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“I had NOT heard about FoodShare prior to today… I am sold! I think what you do here is great! I certainly will use some of the activities learned today in my own class.” - a participant in a recent workshop.

Field to Table Schools doesn’t just get kids excited about food. We train educators too. Whether you’re involved in professional development days or looking for customized, professional development, our Educator Trainings show how we’re integrating food literacy education into learning spaces across the city. You’ll feel energized about connecting food and curriculum. With our shareable, open-source guides and toolkits, you’ll find it hard to resist plugging Field to Table Schools activities in your own class.


Cooking & Tasting:


Workshops & Activities:

Cooking and Tasting Toolkit (Educator Manual Series)
Great Big Crunch (JK/SK)
Nourishing with Nursery Rhymes (JK/SK)
Pollination Patrol: Honey Judging (Gr 2)
Grains on the Brain (JK/SK - Gr 3)
Stone Soup: Making Stone Soup (Gr 2)
Can You Dig It? Dirt Dip (Grade 3) | Soil Material Cards
Herbalicious Poetry (Gr 3-6)
Signature Salads (Gr 3-8)
Cacao Culture (Gr 5) | Cacao Culture Name Tags Cacao Culture Game Cards
Eat Your Weeds (Gr 8-12)
Signature Salads (Gr 9-12 Careers) 
Bike Blended Smoothies (Gr 12)Smoothie Cards Green Smoothie Recipe

Other Useful Cooking & Tasting Links:

Great Big Crunch Resources & Inspiration Page

Plants & Gardening:


Workshops & Activities:

Roots and Shoots: Plant Part Yoga (JK/SK)
Pollination Patrol: Bee Dress-Ups (JK/SK)
Roots and Shoots: DIY Plant Part Twister (Gr 1) | Plant part Twister Game Sheets
Pollination Patrol: Pollen Pick-Up Relay (Gr 1)
Roots and Shoots: Plant Part Relay Race (Gr 2)
Herbalicious Poetry (Gr 3-6)
You Know You Make Me Wanna Sprout! (Gr 7/8)
EcoGardens Party (Gr 7/8)
Grow to Your Room: Pop Bottle Planters (Gr 7/8) | Pop Bottle Building Instructions - drawings by Nicole Sullivan
The Vegequarium (Gr 7/8)
Eat Your Weeds Handout (Gr 8-12)
Projects in Urban Agriculture (Gr 9) | File A Sprout Handout | Vegequarium Handout

Other Useful Documents:

Vegequarium Handout (JK - Gr 12)
JK/SK Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
Gr 1-3 Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
Gr 4-6 Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
Gr 7-8 Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Soil & Composting:


Workshops & Activities:

Compost - Three Bin Composter Building Guide

Rotten Apple Party: Worm Exploration (JK/SK)
Rotten Apple Party: Compost Game Show (Gr 1)
Rotten Apple Party: Microorganism Dance Party! (Gr 2)
Can You Dig It? Dirt Dip (Gr 3) | Soil Material Cards (ppt)
Can You Dig It? Worm Restaurant Specials (Gr 4) | Worm Restaurant Specials Worksheet
Compost Cake (Gr 6) | Compost Cake Cards
Soil Erosion (Gr 8)

Food: “Outside the  Box”:


Workshops & Activities:

Food: “Outside the Box” Toolkit (Educator Manual Series) - Coming Soon!

Animals in our Food System (JK/SK – Gr 2)
Food Source Sleuths: Royal Winter Fair (Gr 2-4)
Stone Soup: Circle Game (Gr 3)
Waste in our Food System (Gr 3-8)
Stone Soup: Story Telling (Gr 4)
Food, Media and Marketing (Gr 5-8) | Name That Brand, Name That Food| Food Labelling & Advertising | Health Claims & Nutritional Information | Portion Distortion | You Sure You Want to Drink That?
Energy Detectives (Gr 6)
FoodPrints and Energy Detectives (Gr 7) | Transport Hierarchy Signs
Cattle and Land Use (Gr 7) | Cattle Cards | Super Cows | Roast Beef Sandwich Cards
Time to Talk Turkey (Gr 8) | Time to Talk Turkey Poster | Food Item Cards
Urban Chickens (Gr 8) | Chickens Field Guide
What Toronto Eats (Gr 9-12) | Worksheet Questions | Photos |Narratives | Drawings

Other Useful Documents:

Back Pocket Activities to Keep Your Students Having Fun While They Learn (JK - Gr 8)
Teacher Resource Book List (JK - Gr 12)
Bicycle Blender Building Guide
Greenbelt Farmers' Market Scavenger Hunts: Younger Children | Older Children 

Field to Table Schools shares hands-on food literacy

FoodShare takes a multifaceted approach to food in schools. Field to Table Schools, our food literacy program, supports educators by building food into curriculum-connected workshops. Students get their hands dirty by cooking, tasting and more. Food connects to math, arts, social sciences and more so naturally. Say Yes! to good food in classrooms.

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Brooke Ziebell // Field to Table Schools Senior Coordinator

Brooke joined the FoodShare team in 2009 shortly after arriving from Australia and getting caught up in the buzz around local food in the city. Coming from a Nutrition and Dietetic background, and having seen the disastrous effects of unhealthy eating habits first-hand, Brooke realized that true disease prevention should start way back at the beginning, with children. Never turning...see full bio