Find bounty in every Good Food Box.


Good Food Boxes delivered in 2016


lbs of fresh vegetables and fruits distributed in 2016


Good Food Box drop-offs across Toronto in 2015

A shout-out from Thunder Bay - I'm working on student and community health up here right now, too! I live in Toronto...[and] am [from] a Good Food Box family. I love everything you do!

Find bounty in every Good Food Box.

Good Food Boxes are volunteer packed with fresh, high-quality, culturally appropriate vegetables and fruits. With the box menu changing weekly, each Good Food Box presents a convenient and affordable way to eat good healthy food.

Getting a box of good healthy food, whether pre-cut for your convenience or supersized for your family, is important to FoodShare. But getting a Good Food Box isn’t like receiving any other delivery. Ordering through your neighbourhood Good Food Box coordinator, you’ll meet people from a few doors away or a few floors above AND eat healthy food grown near you.

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If you’re interested in starting a Good Food Box delivery stop, our Community Food Animators can provide support and training regarding community outreach, materials needed, time commitments, etc. Please contact the orders desk via the information below on this page. For any other inquiries, please contact Moorthi, Warehouse Manager, via


Good Food Box - Brochure
Good Food Box - Guide
Good Food Box - Application to Start a Drop Off Location
Good Food Box - Letter for New Coordinators
Good Food Box - Sample Order Form

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