A different kind of food truck


lbs of fresh vegetables and fruit delivered in 2015


stops served across Toronto


community members reached in 2014

You have to love a fruit and veggie market that comes to you‪#MakingFoodAccessibleToAll – Toronto Children’s Eco Program

Mobile Good Food Markets are travelling community food markets filled with fresh, quality vegetables and fruits. Our truck is a different kind of food truck, one that dishes up pounds of okra and bunches of broccoli at cheaper than normal prices. You won’t find an ice cream van’s jingle here, just good food.

Mobile Good Food Markets address the need for fresh, quality produce in food deserts, neighbourhoods where a grocery store is nowhere in sight or too expensive for residents. In our current model of development, some neighbourhoods don’t receive adequate transit service or people don’t own cars and the local grocery store is just too expensive or far away. Mobile markets offer a low cost place to buy quality produce while meeting neighbours close to home.

How the Mobile Good Food Market program works:

Critical criteria:


Improving Food Access: Stories from the Mobile Good Food Market

Toronto’s Mobile Good Food Market

Even in a city as dynamic as Toronto, there remain neighbourhoods where residents are unable to access the foods essential to a healthy diet. This happens for a variety of reasons, including low-income, lack of access to public transit, and long distances to groceries and markets. Such conditions make it extremely difficult for individuals and families without access to a vehicle to find and purchase healthy foods. Senior citizens who might be less mobile are hit especially hard by this type of isolation.