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"It was not only a trip to learn about healthy foods but the instructor also addressed daily life skills and the importance of a community (e.g. cooking through team work, beauty of eating together and general manners towards one another)." - The Waterfront School

Field to Table Schools is our award winning food literacy program, bringing good food education to schools across Toronto. You wouldn’t believe how kids light up when they experience our hands-on activities, workshops, events and growing projects. From compost and gardening to cooking and tasting to food justice and serene nature connections, our workshops engage students from JK to Grade 12. All our workshops are tried-and-tested, with strong curriculum connections and open source, shareable resources for educators.

Download, adapt and try them out with your class today!

Field to Table Schools is taking a little break from booking student workshops in 2016/17 but we look forward to hearing all about your experience running these activities.

Updated Lesson Plans:

The following lesson plans have been updated to incorporate some new, but mostly the tried and true workshops, activities and ideas from the past decade of Field to Table Schools. Each lesson plan is designed to be a learning "unit" and educators are encouraged to find the activities within them that best suit their group. Enjoy!

Classic Lesson Plans:

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FoodShare’s Recipe for Change

Sustain Ontario's Growing Good Food Ideas takes a look at FoodShare's Recipe for Change: Food Literacy for a Healthy Future. Hear from students, teachers and volunteers on how to change the food system from schools up. See scenes from Bendale BTI, one of our School Grown sites, and how gardens help kids connect with food.

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Brooke Ziebell // Field to Table Schools Senior Coordinator

Brooke joined the FoodShare team in 2009 shortly after arriving from Australia and getting caught up in the buzz around local food in the city. Coming from a Nutrition and Dietetic background, and having seen the disastrous effects of unhealthy eating habits first-hand, Brooke realized that true disease prevention should start way back at the beginning, with children. Never turning...see full bio