Growing hope along with food

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participants in 2016


lbs of vegetables & fruit harvested each year


hours of horticultural therapy for participants

Work in the garden takes priority over interacting with my symptoms...It’s a kind of medicine, to be outside caring for plants, harvesting, weeding and seeding in the greenhouse.

A FoodShare Toronto and CAMH partnership, the Sunshine Garden is a plot of tranquility and reprieve in the middle of the city. The Sunshine Garden, Canada’s first ever market garden on hospital grounds, operates as a recreational gardening program for clients. Each year, over 30 CAMH in-patients and out-patients enjoy the therapeutic returns of nurturing the garden, while getting to know their neighbours and breathing in fresh air.

During the spring and summer, clients grow great things in the garden. They compost waste, cook, preserve and sell the harvest at the Garden Market. During the winter and fall, clients work in the greenhouse, raise seedlings and learn via workshops.

Sometimes land can be more than a garden, it can be a medicine and a salve. When neighbours visit the the Sunshine Market Garden, when they buy patty-pan squash and when they speak with the gardeners that nurture the land, mental illness is destigmatized. Perceptions are changed and good health is cultivated.

The Sunshine Garden

Liz Kirk and a group of volunteers talk about the hidden gem at CAMH: The Sunshine Garden. Hear about the therapeutic returns of gardening and how the garden is a piece of everyone who works on it. People don't just learn about where their food comes from, they learn about horticulture in a serene environment. You can sit in the healing environment, taste the produce or even help run markets. You won't want to leave.

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Contact Orlando Martín López Gómez if you have any question about this program.

Orlando Martín López Gómez
Urban Agriculture Manager
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Program Lead

Orlando Martín López Gómez // Urban Agriculture Manager

Orlando's initiative and leadership has been demonstrated in incredible management of the mid-sized composting facilitates, managing double the compost, increased our vermicompost bins, coordination of the  quadrupled numbers of volunteers onsite since he started.  He has put in place reporting systems, coordinated a compost animation project, working with the Toronto Compost Leaders to build nine compost systems in 2015, and...see full bio