Steve Salfarlie
Student Nutrition Community Development Animator
416-363-6441 x265

Steve joins FoodShare with over 6 years of Fitness and Nutrition experience. As a sole proprietor, Steve took a holistic approach to health and wellness. His commitment and passion for student nutrition began in 2013 when he transitioned from being a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist to starting a new Student Nutrition Program for a school of 240 students. It was his desire to educate the students, teaching staff and parent community by focusing on a program that was centered on real, whole and nutritious food. Steve’s passion ignited after attending Toronto City Council Budget Deputations in 2013 where he advocated for Food Literacy and increased support for Student Nutrition Programs. The education and empowerment of volunteers is what drives Steve in his new role as a Community Development Animator. He encourages coordinators to brand their programs by taking ownership and making them personal to the school community and is most excited when he sees students making healthier food choices on their own. Prior to joining FoodShare, Steve spent 7 years in the financial services industry where he was responsible for the training and development of new staff.  Steve feels his coaching and mentoring skills will be an asset to his future success as an Animator.