Yara Janes
Evaluations and Community Development Worker
416-363-6441 x241

Yara Janes is an Evaluation Facilitator and Community Development Worker at FoodShare, Toronto. Yara is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Growing up in a country where socio-economic inequalities are deeply rooted into societal structures, Yara is focused on helping to create and support ideas that tackle the root causes of poverty. She found her passion for Food Security while taking university courses in Nutrition, Ecosystem Management, and Aboriginal Health. Yara believes that access to healthy foods is the foundation of anti-poverty initiatives while enhancing community well-being.

Yara has an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, where she studied Global Health, Environmental Biology, and Aboriginal Studies. Yara studied Evaluation at the Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University and has participated in workshop training for Survey Design and Analysis.

“Evaluation fosters critical thinking within an organization; bringing necessary change to address activities that need to be improved, but most exciting, evaluation has the potential to drive innovation to work more effectively and strengthen programs that are reaching their goals”.