Welcome to our new online home!

Welcome to our new website!

Take a look around and explore our new online platform. We’ve redesigned with you in mind.

Whether finding your nearest Good Food Market or sending a loved one a gift basket, all our program pages are geared to help you with your needs. You’ll find convenient ways to get in touch with us, with further information available about our programs and activities.

It’s easier than ever to get involved through our Activity section. Check out all the ways you can interact with us and we’ll be in touch about anything from a volunteer session to a tour.

All our printable, shareable resources are now in our library. We hope you learn and build on them.

Finally, we’ve created a cleaner reading experience, with no clutter for your eyes. Scroll through our new blog posts for updates on programs and events.

We’ll be adding even more in the coming months, making it easier for you to sign up for events and stay up to date with food news.

Do you have feedback for us? Please let us know what you’re thinking: sufian@foodshare.net

Thank you to our friends at Hypenotic for designing our new site with all their building tools!