Crunching at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Crunch and Worm

The Field to Table Schools team crunched a bunch at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair this year! We enjoyed a week of activities including a High School Chef Competition and over 5000 crunches at our Great Big Crunch booth!

Field to Tables Schools set up two booths at the Fair inside the AMAZING Food Journey area. The maze of food related displays and activities delivered good food information. We learned about the role of animals in our food systems to health and good nutrition. To get the audience excited, exhibits often delivered with fun activities for children of all ages.

Children and adults explored the world of worms at our compost station, learning the role of decomposers in plant and soil health. Children explored worm bins with magnifying glasses and took turns holding worms with our knowledgeable staff and volunteers.

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Make Your Own Bean Necklace

People made their own bean necklaces, a simple activity that made people go bananas for beans! Everyone wanted to make their own necklace and we heard participant excitement across the maze! We made close to 2000 bean necklaces. Visitors had a great time, usually starting out by crunching a delicious apple at the Great Big Crunch booth, listening to apple stories, moving on to the build a bean necklace station, and ending at the compost booth with our star worms!

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High School Chef Competition

It was exciting to see so many schools submitting really tasty and nutritious recipes at the first ever High School Chef Competition. Three recipes from three schools made it to competition finals. Dishes were judged based on local products embraced, compliance with the Ontario Nutrition Standards, and being DELICIOUS.

Bendale BTI, Thistletown Collegiate and Bramalea Secondary students cooked their delicious dishes on the Food & Lifestlye Stage in an iron chef style competition! I tried all three dishes and I have to say that I was relieved I was not part of the judging panel. I’m sure it was a difficult choice for the judges.

Bendale BTI took home first prize for a tasty ravioli with fresh local vegetables and herbs! Congratulations to Bendale BTI, all the finalists, and all the schools that submitted recipes! It is inspirational to see students get involved in good nutrition in such a hands-on way!

THANK YOU to the phenomenal volunteers and staff supporting FoodShare’s vision of Good Healthy Food for All! at the fair, and to all the fun and dedicated Royal Winter Fair organizers!

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by Yara Janes