Give Gifts of Hope from the Sunshine Garden

“I come here and get lost in the garden.  It’s peaceful, tranquil, therapeutic.” Rick, a Sunshine Gardener.

In the fall, the Sunshine Gardeners spent three happy and productive days in FoodShare’s kitchen chopping, slicing and dicing over 60 pounds of green tomatoes, 50 pounds of tomatillos, 20 pounds of onions, habanero peppers and assorted herbs and spices. They prepared 90 jars of green tomato chutney, 60 jars of extra hot tomatillo salsa and 48 assorted herbal vinegars, all made with love, and from organic produce harvested from the  Sunshine Garden at CAMH. Now you can share our delicious, zesty tomatillo salsa, piquant green tomato chutney and assorted herbal vinegar gift packages with your friends and family to help sustain this program, which grows hope along with food.

Send a friend some Gifts of Hope!

photo (31)

Dicing away.

photo (32)

Bottling herbal vinegars!

photo (33)

Just making salsa.

photo (34)

Sunshine Gardeners at CAMH’s Craft Fair!