Join the CFAI-HUB to grow locally based food justice initiatives

FoodShare is looking for 1 new member for its Cross-Cultural Food Access Innovation Hub (CFAI-HUB) Advisory Committee. The CFAI-HUB is a platform where community led start-ups, ad hoc groups, collectives, and committees can grow locally based food justice initiatives. Together we work to build a more democratic, just and equitable Ontario. Through a self-organization process, racialized communities, new Canadians, and Indigenous communities take the lead in developing solutions to address racism and exclusion in the food system through partnering with FoodShare to build and strengthen the capacity of emerging grassroots cross-cultural community based initiatives.

Sustainable community development begins with capacity development for the community champions and allies that are most invested, and stand to gain from the development work being proposed. Because grassroots organizing is emotionally and financially taxing, this program seeks to improve the success rate and effectiveness of grassroots organizations by relieving organizational and financial pressure on emerging community led initiatives. FoodShare Toronto provides capacity building support to our project partners through a grassroots Cross-Cultural Food Access Innovation Hub that serves as a platform for providing mentoring, training, consultation and overall support to emerging food access groups led by racialized communities, new Canadians, and Indigenous communities.

Current Advisory Committee Members meet quarterly to discuss the progress of groups on the platform and advise on how to better support their growth. We welcome new perspectives on what it takes to support these growing initiatives.

If you have experience to offer emerging organizations, especially in marginalized communities, please email and let us know why you want to be involved and provide a summary of your experience.