Lessons learned in School Grown

We’ve learned a lot of things at School Grown and we’re sharing the fruits with you. Watch the webinar series below with matching downloadable resources. Happy growing!

Youth as Curriculum Writers

At School Grown we hired ten high school students to write the curriculum for our program. Learn about why its important to centre youth voices in food justice work and the process we used for collectively authoring a school farming curriculum.

Crop Planning & Harvesting at a School Farm

How we decide what to grow at School Grown: our methods for identifying what crops to grow, and when/where to grow them. We cover our crop plan template and field map.

Selling at Farmers Markets

Most of our food is sold by youth at our farmer’s market stands. We share our secrets for selling lots of produce and training students for a successful farmer’s market shift.

Crowdfunding 101

We purchased our School Grown farm van through a successful crowdfunding campaign. We’ll share all the tips and tricks we learned along the way to build a successful campaign that allows you to reach your fundraising goal!