Good Food Markets mean students don’t have to pick class over food.

“The best day of my week is Wednesdays because you guys are here.”

That’s what the Good Food Market means to a student at George Brown College. Because of the Good Food Market, students don’t have to pick class over food. They can have both.

Your support gives them time to work, time to study and time to be. With student food insecurity at 39% and rising, it matters more than ever. For a dollar, students can pick up four fruits. For a toonie, they can pick up dinner.

And it’s not just about food. The Good Food Market is a community. It’s where people come together. People talk about food but they talk about so much more. Students ‘pay-it-forward’ so someone down the line gets a snack. And people step in to run the market when it’s understaffed.

That’s the power of food. You’ve helped us share it for over 30 years. Will you support it this holiday season?

Good Food Markets don’t just happen at George Brown College. They happen across Toronto. You’ve helped create over 30 markets, making good food accessible to thousands in our city. That’s why we hope you can help create even more.