Shouldn’t everyone have food tonight?

It’s almost the holidays. For many, that means time well spent with family, friends and food. It means buttoning up winter coats and revisiting family recipes. It means connecting with people at a dining table.

But for too many, it doesn’t. Icy sidewalks and snowbanks become an added barrier to food access for folks experiencing food insecurity. For many, the trip to get fresh, low-cost vegetables and fruit becomes even more difficult.

We work in neighbourhoods that are unique and strong. But they share a common need: access to quality, low-cost, culturally appropriate produce. But every neighbourhood has a determination and willingness to work on developing accessible food options. That’s where you come in.

Your support gives people direct access to healthy food through projects like our Mobile Markets and Good Food Markets. Markets bring produce right to where people live. Markets bring vegetables and fruit that are low-cost. And markets bring food people want to cook and eat. Will you help us make nutritious food accessible this winter?


And it’s never just about food. It’s also about bringing community together. Markets turn empty foyers and lobbies into hubs of community and connection.

“Beyond just selling produce, the market aims to be a community hub for connecting, learning and organizing around something that connects us all: food.” – Good Food Market Coordinator

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

Portrait of Paul M. TaylorPaul M. Taylor
Executive Director, FoodShare Toronto

P.S. we’re hosting a party on February 22nd. You might have heard about it. 30 chefs, brewers and winemakers will serve you all you can eat and drink. And it’s all in support of food literacy. We’d love to see you there.