January 18, 2019

We’ve launched our online Good Food Box store!

We’re proud to share our revamped service for the Good Food Box! You can now order Good Food Boxes through our online store and we’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep. Order one right now: https://goodfoodbox.foodshare.net/

The rollout of our new online produce-delivery program comes on the heels of Canada’s Food Price Report 2019, which forecasts a price increase of 6% and 3% for vegetables and fruits respectively.

“Access to healthy food should not be a luxury; it’s a human right,” says Paul M. Taylor, Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto. “The projected price increases to fruits and vegetables means that even more Torontonians will struggle to afford produce.”

Our Good Food Box rose to popularity as a convenient and affordable option for individuals, families and community groups to keep their kitchens stocked with fresh, high quality, culturally appropriate vegetables and fruits. The development of the online service means enhanced customer convenience and means that more Torontonians can participate.

With our new online produce delivery service, customers have the option to choose from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly subscriptions, and can pause subscriptions or even order single boxes. Customers also enjoy the added convenience of email notifications upon delivery (they don’t need to be home to receive the order) and a secure online payment system that charges based on delivery date. On offer are a variety of box choices, including small and large, conventional and organic, fruit boxes and a box that contains a combination of precut and whole produce (the wellness box).

The Good Food Box program plays an important role in our mandate to implement long-term, systemic solutions. “Temporary solutions to hunger do not address its root causes,” says Taylor. “We need to shift our mindset socially and politically if we hope to affect lasting change. The Good Food Box program is part of that shift.”

Each Good Food Box purchased helps us support Toronto’s most nutritionally vulnerable through a diversity of programs and initiatives. Customers of the Good Food Box will not only enjoy convenient access to fruits and vegetables, but will also support FoodShare Toronto in making a difference in the lives of over 270,000 Torontonians throughout the programs and initiatives.

Visit Good Food Box online to subscribe and learn more about FoodShare’s vision for a food system that supplies Good Healthy Food for All.