December 18, 2019

No one should go hungry this holiday season

Every year the holidays are bittersweet for me. I treasure time shared with family and loved ones. But I’m also reminded of times when my family struggled through the holidays because we were poor and sometimes hungry.

For too many folks in Toronto, the holidays are not a time of celebration. For people facing poverty, social isolation and food insecurity, there is often no gathering around a festive dinner table. Many struggle in silence and navigate shame as they face a daily battle trying to get decent food on the table.

In Toronto, 13% of households experience food insecurity. For Black, Indigenous and people of colour that number jumps to 27%. These are folks who worry about where their next meal will come from, or skip dinner so their kids can eat.

If we are to achieve food justice, we must continue to advocate for bold public policies to eradicate food insecurity and realize everyone’s right to food. Your support helps us push for change while delivering access to affordable produce for those who need it most right now.

This holiday season, please consider making a contribution to FoodShare.

No matter the size, your donation goes a long way. It’s the reason we can reach more than 250,000 people through our programs opening up access to affordable, nutritious food, while reducing social isolation and strengthening community bonds.

  • $15 — covers the cost of one small Good Food Box
  • $25 — trains one Good Food Market coordinator
  • $50 — supports one cooking workshop for newcomers to Canada
  • $100 — funds a Mobile Good Food Market for a week

Our food programs are about more than what’s on the plate. People who buy their fresh fruit and veggies at our weekly Good Food Markets tell us this themselves:

“Having a Good Food Market means I can afford to give my family fresh, healthy produce and teach my son about food. We love coming to the market and he loves seeing how produce is weighed. When we pay, he likes to count my change. The market is about more than food. It’s about people and it’s about belonging. I have made new friends at the market. I no longer feel alone. I feel I have people who care. It’s wonderful!” Sheetal, Good Food Market customer

Please consider supporting more communities where people can come together, feed themselves with dignity, and help revitalize the places where they live.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday,

Paul M. Taylor
Executive Director, FoodShare Toronto