August 6, 2021

Good Food Market Week 2021

Reflecting on Good Food Market Week 2021

August 2 to August 6, 2021 was proclaimed Good Food Market Week in Toronto: a time to celebrate our amazing Good Food Markets and the community leaders who run them.

Good Food Markets are community-driven markets that offer high quality, culturally appropriate fruits and vegetables at a reduced cost, in areas where access to fresh produce is otherwise difficult. These markets uniquely reflect a community and are a vibrant and important gathering place.

Good Food Markets have been even more crucial during COVID-19, when accessing fresh produce has been increasingly challenging for certain folks — in particular people of colour, people with disabilities, seniors, people experiencing homelessness and folks with other marginalized identities. The individuals who run these markets have been working on the frontlines of this pandemic in order to make fresh produce accessible to these communities.

To wrap up Good Food Market Week 2021, we wanted to share some of the highlights from the week. Thanks to our community for sharing your photos!

Some of the incredible people who make our markets possible! Delivery drivers, market coordinators, volunteers and shoppers:

The beautiful fruits and veggies that colour our markets like a rainbow:

And the fun activities and different neighbourhoods that make each market unique:

To all of our Good Food Markets, thank you for everything!