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FoodShare is a food justice organization. This means that we are committed to working to identify and dismantle systemic forms of oppression in the food movement. Racialized people and others from equity-seeking groups are over-represented in food insecurity and poverty statistics, but are significantly under-represented in community based food organizations. We believe that those most affected by an issue must have access to paid positions in organizations tasked with challenging poverty and food insecurity. FoodShare strives to create a workspace that reflects the diversity of identities and lived experiences that exist within the communities we work alongside.

If you require accommodation when navigating the application process, please contact:

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Compensation at FoodShare 

At FoodShare we believe that taking an honest, transparent approach to our compensation structure improves morale and is key to building the trust that is foundational in advancing equity. We also have a transparent ratio between the lowest paid and highest paid FoodShare employee. The ratio is 1:3, which means that the highest paid person at FoodShare can earn no more than three times what the lowest paid person earns for their labour.

We are a living wage employer registered with the Ontario Living Wage Network. This network calculates the living wage in each region of Ontario based on the cost of living for the area. In Toronto, the living wage is $22.08/hr and no employee at FoodShare earns less than $24/hr.

As part of FoodShare’s commitment to equity, all staff get equal pay for equal work. As a result salaries and benefits are non-negotiable.

FoodShare believes that no one should be living in poverty, or experiencing food insecurity. This commitment to a living wage for all staff is an example of our values in action. It is also a key action identified in our Combating Anti-Black racism Action Plan (activity #18).

Our current pay grid can be found here.

Recruitment Process

FoodShare’s recruitment process involves the anonymization of all resumes prior to their being screened by the hiring committee. This step removes applicant personal details (names, email, addresses), educational & employment institutions, dates of work experience (but not duration), and personal interests to reduce potential for bias. We do not remove credentials, job/volunteer titles, or descriptions of experience. Please make sure to detail your experience in your resume/cover letter to ensure the committee has the information they need to assess your qualifications for the role based on the content of your experience rather than based on assumptions that might come from the information we remove.

As part of FoodShare’s commitment to equity and based on a key action identified in our Combating Anti-Black racism Action Plan (activities #1 and 2), we deprioritize paid accreditation in required qualifications for job postings when possible and prioritize lived experience (of poverty and food insecurity) in qualifications for job postings. This does not mean that paid accreditations will not be considered when evaluating candidates, rather that they will not be used to exclude candidates when possible.

In recognition of the time and labour of preparing for and attending an interview, FoodShare financially compensates interviewees at a fixed rate of $75 per interview. FoodShare sends interviewees the interview questions in advance of the interview to allow them time to process the questions. Any time a candidate is asked to prepare a presentation or assignment for an interview, FoodShare will financially compensate the candidate for that work at a rate equal to the hourly rate for the position, based on the number of hours the hiring committee believes the task should take. FoodShare will not use ideas from presentations or assignments of candidates not selected for the position.


Volunteer title: Board Member

Position summary: FoodShare Toronto is looking for people that are interested in helping to guide and shape the future of our work by joining our Board of Directors.

Read more below. The deadline to apply is Friday May 17th.

Board Membership Commitments

Relevant Experience 

We are looking for candidates who can bring experience in one or more of the following areas and who have a connection to the city of Toronto:

If you don’t resonate with the list above but know you have expertise to offer, are interested in FoodShare’s work and share our vision of a Toronto where everyone can feed themselves, their loved ones and their community with dignity and joy we want to hear from you.

Representation Matters 

Black and Indigenous people are over-represented in food insecurity and poverty statistics, but are significantly under-represented in leadership within community-based food organizations. 

We believe that to authentically do our work alongside Black and Indigenous communities we must ensure Black and Indigenous representation at all levels of our organization. In 2021, 21% of our staff identified as Black or Indigenous and we want to achieve similar representation on our Board of Directors. Thus we are prioritizing space for board members from Black and Indigenous communities. 

Application Process 

To apply, please share:

1. LETTER OF INTEREST One-page letter that tells us:

 2. BRIEF BIO 50-100 word bio about yourself 

A resume is not required or expected.
Please send your letter and bio to the Board Nominations and Orientation Committee at: 

Deadline for applications: The deadline to be considered for nomination as part of our 2024/2025 Board Slate at our June 13th Annual General Meeting is Friday May 17th. Applications received after that date will be gladly reviewed as part of our 2025/2026 Board Slate. 

Accommodation Requests: If you require accommodation when navigating the application process, please contact:, or 

About FoodShare

FoodShare is a food justice organization, advocating for the right to food, and working to challenge the systemic barriers that keep people from accessing the food they need to thrive. We support community-led food initiatives and work alongside communities most affected by poverty and food insecurity: Black and Indigenous people, people of colour, people with disabilities, and folks living on a low income. Whether it is supporting urban farms, subsidizing local produce markets or coordinating community kitchens, all of our work is about folks accessing food on their own terms.

To learn more about FoodShare you can visit our website at, take a look at our Audited Financial Statements & Impact Reports, Strategic Plan 2022-2024, Food Justice Statement, Body Liberation and Fat Acceptance Statement and other resources.