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Strategic Plan

Rooted in food justice

We dream of a city where poverty and food insecurity no longer exist.

We envision bold policies at the local and national level that ensure everyone can feed themselves, their families and their communities in a dignified way, now and into the future.

We imagine a food movement that works together to dismantle oppressive systems that both cause and hold poverty and food insecurity in place.

Our goal is to centre food justice in all of our work. By taking our cue from those most affected by poverty and food insecurity, we will inspire long-term solutions in our food system that are rooted in principles of food justice.

Our Challenges and Opportunities


The food movement needs to acknowledge and address systems and attitudes that have impeded long-term solutions to poverty and food insecurity. As a trusted leader in the food movement for over 35 years, FoodShare has the opportunity to encourage critical discussion and model community-led food justice work.

Relationship Building

It is essential to prioritize relationship building with communities and grassroots groups who experience the most food insecurity and multiple forms of oppression. We need to listen to and support their efforts to lead change and find solutions. We also have the opportunity to open up conversations with our long-term partners and funders, to ensure they are implementing their own anti-oppression frameworks.


Building financial stability by sustaining and growing unrestricted revenues, especially from social enterprises, earned income and private donations, will give us the flexibility to advance food justice priorities in a way that isn’t dependent on grant funding, funder alignment and grant funding cycles.


We must assess how leaders are chosen and cultivated at FoodShare, be critical of who is being given opportunities to lead and determine how to improve. Embedding food justice in our work includes training staff and board members on the ways oppression is manifested in the food system and the food movement.

Our Motivating Aspiration

inspire long term food system fixes that are rooted in principles of food justice

Areas of Strategic Focus

Community Led


Diversified Revenue

Culture Enablers

we commit that in our plans we will:


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