Demonstrate. Animate. Train. Advocate.

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Strategic Plan

You can’t get far without a plan in place. Every few years, we review our strategies so we can work towards a just, resilient food system. We hold comprehensive discussions and set very clear goals for what we want to achieve.

Everything we do at FoodShare Toronto is aimed at realizing a resilient, just and sustainable food system to ensure good healthy food for all!

We do this by:

In order to:

Until 2018 we’re focusing on the following priorities:

Intended Outcomes

With a clear focus on working toward our intended impact, we identified key achievements that we believe we need to make to reach our three year goals. These achievements – also referred to as intended outcomes – are centred around four core areas of focus: demonstrate, animate, train, and advocate. These outcomes are our points of accountability that we will measure to track our success.

Demonstrate: demonstrate food initiatives that increase the access to, knowledge of, and consumption of vegetables and fruit among 300,000 adults and children.

By demonstrating innovative, just, community-based, sustainable food initiatives, we model for other communities and non-profits creative ways of realizing change within the food system. We demonstrate food initiatives through our:

Spotlight: FoodShare’s Good Food Programs deliver fresh affordable high-quality vegetables and fruit to people and communities across Toronto. They increase food access and support skill development, through the Good Food Box, markets, and providing fresh produce to schools and agencies.

Animate: animate 1,000 grass roots food initiatives in Toronto to increase their capacity to lead and advocate for just, community based, sustainable food initiatives.

By animating grass roots food initiatives we are collaborating with schools and communities to build the capacity of leaders to start up and sustain food programs and organizations. We animate grassroots food initiatives through our:

Spotlight: Every year we support the start-up and sustaining of community gardens and gardeners across the city. Each garden is a partnership with the local community. Community gardens are a great opportunity to develop new skills, engage the assets in the community.

Train: train 10,000 adults and children in Toronto in food systems, food justice and food skills and succeed in improving their food literacy.

Through training we educate adults and children in food literacy by helping them learn about food systems, food justice and food skills. We provide hands-on training through our:

FoodShare’s School Grown initiative, a schoolyard farming project, grows vegetables and fruit on school rooftops and lawns that provide students with a hands-on learning experience in seeding, weeding, harvesting and running their own markets. It also creates student employment.

Advocate: FoodShare and partners build support from policy makers for school and community food programs and increasing food security in Canada.

By advocating we are actively engaging sectors of government at various levels, including public servants and elected o#cials, in initiatives and strategies which seek changes to food programs, policies and legislation to improve food security in Canada. Three of the areas we are engaging in advocacy are:

Spotlight: As part of FoodShare’s work with the Good Food Café and student nutrition more broadly, we are building relationships with partners throughout the country to understand di”erent models of providing healthy school food for students in schools. Together with these partners, FoodShare will advocate for a national lunch program to ensure all students have good, healthy food to eat to help them learn and grow.


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