Modelling Change and Sharing the Power of Food

Vision, Mission & Values


Good Healthy Food for All!

Everything we do at FoodShare Toronto is aimed at realizing a resilient, just and sustainable food system to ensure Good Healthy Food for All! We do this by:

Mission (What We Do)

Our mission is to increase access to, knowledge of and consumption of vegetables and fruit through community led projects. All of FoodShare’s work is guided by strong beliefs that reflect our commitment to food security and food justice. As a leader in food security locally and globally, we collaborate with others who share our beliefs to realize our vision of good healthy food for all.

Values & Beliefs (How We Work)

Why a focus on vegetables and fruit?

We know that we can contribute to health benefits when we increase consumption of vegetables and fruit. The current consumption levels of vegetables and fruit among Torontonians is troubling. Only 38.3% of Torontonians 12 years of age and over reported eating at least five servings of vegetables and fruit daily in 2014 (Statistics Canada). It is even worse for youth as just over 1 in 3 youth ate the required servings of vegetables and fruit daily in 2014 (Statistics Canada).

Why a community-led project approach?

We can contribute to stronger communities and neighbourhoods when we increase the ability of communities to lead programs, advocate and negotiate for themselves. There are concerning inequities in Toronto that need to be addressed. Research by the Martin Prosperity Institute found that many neighbourhoods in Toronto do not have access to good quality and affordable food, and these neighbourhoods are often considered to be socially isolated and underserved. Via the Toronto Foundation’s Vital Signs Report, these inequities impact health and wellbeing: