Advancing the right to food for all

Vision, Mission & Values


A Toronto where all people can feed themselves, their loved ones and their communities with dignity and joy.


We advocate for food justice by supporting community-based food initiatives and through ongoing advocacy and public education.


  1. We believe that everyone has the right to food.
  2. We are equity oriented.
  3. We acknowledge the existence of various forms of systemic oppression and work to challenge them.
  4. We believe that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of colour) and low-income communities must play a central role in defining food justice and its priorities.
  5. We recognize that leadership exists in community.
  6. We believe in prioritizing lived experience in addressing food insecurity.
  7. We believe that all bodies have a right to exist as they are.
  8. We are committed to self-examination and ongoing critical assessment of our work.
  9. We ask our partners and funders to engage in ongoing critical assessment of their work.