Host a Fundraiser for FoodShare

A fundraiser is a way of bringing your community together in support of a cause you are passionate about.

We’ve designed a toolkit to make fundraising for FoodShare as easy as possible. We’ve included answers to frequently asked questions as well as examples of awesome fundraising ideas we’ve seen from within the FoodShare community. Download the kit now!

Why fundraise for FoodShare?

Funds raised by community members in support of FoodShare allow us the flexibility to act quickly when programming opportunities in urban farming, community kitchens and food justice learning opportunities arise, as well as playing a huge role in enabling our advocacy work and to set a high standard when it comes to the rights of the workers on our team (like being a Living Wage employer).

How can I fundraise for FoodShare?

A fundraiser can be a one day event or an ongoing activity. Anyone can host a fundraiser! If you care about food justice in your city, hosting a fundraiser for FoodShare is a great way to help out and get others around you inspired and involved — family, friends, colleagues, classrooms or neighbours.

Small businesses, makers and event organisers are also welcome to fundraise for FoodShare through ticket sales, giveaways, or a portion of proceeds.

Logo for In Support of FoodShare

Please use this version of FoodShare’s logo on any materials you create for your fundraiser.