2015 in review

FoodShare has made food more accessible for over 30 years. Our hope for tomorrow is still a resilient, just and sustainable food system. We're finding ways to grow at every step of the food system to make our hope a reality. Scroll down to see what we're up to.



That's the number of community led food initiatives we animated across Toronto. You can't eat food without growing it first. We're partnering with people to make growing in hydro corridors and lawns a reality.

Last year we: supported 344 community leaders, grew 6,370 lbs of food in schools, employed 25 young farmers and trained 1,460 people to grow food.

Why can't parks have market gardens?

Fresh Produce


That's the amount of veggies in pounds and fruits we delivered across Toronto. In a city like ours, you shouldn't have to travel far to find fresh food. We're supporting markets where people can get the food they want.

Last year we: delivered to 242 schools + agencies, sent out 30,826 Good Food Boxes, supported 26 Good Food Markets and serviced 10 different Mobile Good Food Market stops.

Grab Some Good on your next TTC ride



That's the number of delicious, low cost meals we served in schools. Welcome to the future of school lunches. Our cooking spaces help nourish bodies and minds.

Last year we: cooked out of 6 Good Food Caf├ęs, delivered 17,600 warm cups of Power Soup and helped 936 people connect via community kitchens.



That's the number of students who enjoyed daily meals via student nutrition programs we helped animate. Getting kids excited about food has lifelong returns.

Last year we: supported 775 Student Nutrition Programs, trained 2,118 students via food literacy workshops and had 181,655 people take the Great Big Crunch.

18 ways to take the Great Big Crunch