A Global Movement for Food Sovereignty

As members of the Global Solidarity Alliance, FoodShare is a signatory to an open letter to the philanthropic community. In the letter we, a group of of non-governmental organizations, national networks, grassroots activists & scholars, share our analysis of the...Read more

FoodShare’s Position on Defunding the Police

Dear Mayor and Council, FoodShare Toronto is a city-wide food security organization, we work alongside individuals, families and communities to promote good food for all. FoodShare does this work in a number of ways, including supporting the over 50 community-led...Read more

The responsibility for wage inequality is on employers’ shoulders

The responsibility for wage inequality is on employers’ shoulders By: Paul Taylor In what’s become an annual tradition, Canadians begin each new year reading alarming statistics on CEO pay. In January, the Canadian Council for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) released its...Read more

FoodShare in Solidarity with the Unist’ot’en

FoodShare stands firmly in solidarity with the Unist’ot’en house of the Wet’suwet’en and their Hereditary Chiefs against the government of Canada’s illegal encroachment on their land. Please read our full statement: FoodShare in Solidarity with the Unist’ot’en.Read more

FoodShare putting black chefs front and centre in Recipe for Change fundraiser

Paul Taylor, Executive Director at FoodShare Toronto, and Suzanne Barr, FoodShare Board Member and Chef, talk about why FoodShare is centring Black chefs at Recipe for Change 2020. Hear the radio segment at the CBC by clicking here.Read more

Foodshare program lets homeless cook for themselves

Jade Guthrie, Community Kitchens Coordinator at FoodShare Toronto, talks about a FoodShare program that is all about cooking for folks in transitional housing. Read the full story at the Toronto Star’s website by clicking here.Read more

Food education programs that focus on “obesity” do more harm than good

Katie German, Director of Programs at FoodShare Toronto, writes about how focusing on ‘obesity’ does more harm than good when it comes to physical and mental health. Read the full story at the Toronto Star’s website by clicking here.Read more

No one should go hungry this holiday season

Every year the holidays are bittersweet for me. I treasure time shared with family and loved ones. But I’m also reminded of times when my family struggled through the holidays because we were poor and sometimes hungry. For too many...Read more

An inside look at the wet, dirty world of Toronto’s dishwashers

NOW Magazine covered In the Pit: The Untold Stories of Toronto’s Dishwashers. You can read the whole story here.  Read more

Race and Food Insecurity factsheet

FoodShare partnered with PROOF Food Insecurity Policy Research to take a look at Race and Food Insecurity. Click here to read the factsheet.Read more