We're so proud of the recognition our programs receive

An Honorary Doctorate

In 2016, FoodShare staff were recognized by academic institutions and more. And for the fourth year in a row, NOW Magazine nominated FoodShare as Toronto's Best Food Activist Group ...read more 2016

Silver Spoons and Food Champions

In 2015, FoodShare staff won awards for creating amazing school food and helping so many access fresh, healthy food. And for the third year in a row, NOW Magazine nominated FoodShare as Toronto's Best Food Activist Group ...read more 2015

Golden Whisks and Vital Ideas

In 2014, FoodShare won awards for creating the best smoothies, getting things done and for generating Vital Ideas. ...read more 2014

Dedication Awards and Local Food Heroes

In 2013, FoodShare won awards for long term dedication, being committed to food security and for contributing to the wellbeing of students across Toronto....read more 2013

Multi-faceted Approaches and Advancing Women’s Issues

In 2012, FoodShare won awards for an innovative Food Terminal event, pioneering efforts in social enterprise and returning food literacy to schools....read more 2012

Social Justice and Industry Partnerships

In 2011, FoodShare won awards for efforts in social justice and forging strong partnerships between organizations....read more 2011

Local Food and Golden Recipes

In 2010, FoodShare won awards for investing in local food and creating the best vegan Caesar dressing....read more 2010

Team Achievements and a Master Composter

In 2009, FoodShare won awards for team achievements in the kitchen and for having the city's Master Compost on-site....read more 2009

Vital People and Best Social Enterprise

In 2005, FoodShare won awards for being the best social enterprise, creating the Sunshine Garden at CAMH and for its spirit of community involvement....read more 2005

Community Gardens and Ethics in Action

In 2000, FoodShare won awards for work in community gardens, youth empowerment and ethics....read more 2000

Community Service

FoodShare's Field to Table Manager, Mary Lou Morgan, awarded the Jane Jacobs Prize for community service...read more 1998

Pioneering Programs

The Good Food Box wins City of Toronto Neighbourlies Award...read more 1995