A Holistic National Food Strategy

In April, 2013, FoodShare participated in the Conference Board of Canada’s 2nd Food Summit as a member organization of Food Secure Canada (FSC) – a national voice for the Food Security Movement in Canada. FoodShare highlighted issues in our food system and proposed a National Food Strategy that includes diverse populations....read more 2013

Standing Committee on Finance 2012 Pre-Budget Hearings

FoodShare's Executive Director Debbie Field helped build a case for universal student nutrition programs at Food Secure Canada's National Assembly....read more 2012

Submission to UN Special Rapporteur on Right to Food

FoodShare Executive Director Debbie Field presented to Olivier de Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. The meeting discussed establishing a Ministry of Food Security, strengthening the social safety net and implementing a national student nutrition program....read more 2012

City of Toronto Budget Deputations

Student nutrition program supporters made deputations to the City's Budget Committee, preventing funding cuts for 59 programs across the city....read more 2011

Do Not Destroy the Social Safety Net

FoodShare asked the Mayor and City of Toronto to reconsider cuts that would destroy the social safety net and make Toronto unliveable....read more 2011

Put Food at the Top of the Municipal Agenda

FoodShare assessed the barriers preventing access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food in Toronto. Four Key Actions were identified, including saying Yes! to food and supporting local food jobs. ...read more 2011

Policy Recommendations

FoodShare recommended policy triplets for the Federal, Provincial and City level. Ideas included national student nutrition programs, social safety nets and growing public food on public land....read more 2011

Canadians Demand Federal Action on Childhood Nutrition

FoodShare released a study conducted by Strategic Communications describing the state of diabetes and obesity among Canada's young people. FoodShare again called for universal access to healthy snacks and lunches for all school aged children across Canada....read more 2010

Children’s Health and Nutrition Initiative

FoodShare, partnering with MP Chow, Breakfast for Learning and the Center for Science in the Public Interest, launched the Children's Health and Nutrition Initiative. The initiative called for a nutritious breakfast, snack or lunch program to be available to any Canadian under eighteen. ...read more 2007

Eat It, Grow It, Share It

FoodShare launched the Eat It, Grow It, Share It campaign to raise consciousness about what we eat and how we eat it. You can take ten key actions to put food first....read more 2003

2002/2020 Process

FoodShare and other community agencies generated 28 grassroots actions to complement 28 policy recommendations to build food security in our communities....read more 2002

A Call for a New Canadian Food Policy

A coalition of community agencies and people, including FoodShare, submitted an Open Letter to then Agriculture Minister Lyle Vanclief on the Eve of the Rome Food Summit....read more 2001