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Rent the bike blender

The FoodShare bike blender was an amazing addition to our event! Great novelty factor, fun and interactive for the guests. It was simple to transport, assemble, and use. And proceeds support a great organization. Highly recommend! 💯 - Sarah, satisfied customer

Our bike blender is a pedal-powered smoothie machine. It’s hard to resist a delicious kale smoothie or fruit shake when you and your friends make the mix. Students of all ages get excited about eating fruits and veggies when they see just how fun it can be. You’ll get excited too.

Do you want to use our adult/youth or child size bike blender for your event? Contact to rent the bike blender. Please note that you’re responsible for pickup and drop off from our hub at 120 Industry Street – Unit C.

The bike blender costs $100 for a three-day rental (pick up day 1, use day 2, drop off day 3) or $150 for a five-day week. Please note that these rates apply to non-profit organizations and higher rates apply if you are a for-profit organization. Bike blender rentals are only confirmed once payment has been received.


Build your own bike blender
Bike Blender Rental Guide*
*note that prices have increased as of January 2023