Food solutions for organizations

We are so grateful to our friends at FoodShare, via the Ontario Food Terminal, for providing Thorncliffe Park Public School and Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy with fresh fruits and vegetables for our mid-morning snack program. As the largest elementary school campus in North America, we are able to provide a healthy snack for all of our 2000 students each day! Other schools are looking to expand their snack programs would certainly benefit from a partnership with FoodShare and the Ontario Food Terminal!" - Thorncliffe Park Public School

FoodShare’s Bulk Produce Program offers a food solution. Have fresh, high quality, culturally diverse and low-cost vegetables and fruits delivered to your school, daycare, community hub and food based business as you need them.

Getting fresh, affordable food for your organization/business can often be a challenge, with rising prices, supplier minimums and delivery charges. Let us help you serve fresh food with our small minimum orders, free deliveries and affordable rates. We can bring you some fresh goodness weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We take care of procurement, you take care of your community.

Critical Criteria

To get started with fresh produce deliveries to your door, fill in the below application form for new delivery. If you have any questions you can reach us at or 416-363-6441 ext. 275.

Spent Goods Bread

The Spent Goods Company works with Henderson Brewery and Drake Commissary to craft nutrient-rich baked goods using spent grains headed to landfill. The 4x Whole Grain Loaf is now available for your orders. Whole grains like wheat, barley, spelt and rye make this the perfect, nutrient dense bread for use in your student nutrition program. Click here to learn more and order through or 416-363-6441 x 275. 100% vegan and halal.


Bulk Produce Program - Application Form for New Delivery