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“When I asked if anyone had tasted a raw mushroom before, the students said ‘Eww, gross!’, but when I topped them with olive oil, sea salt and fresh lemon juice - they couldn’t believe how delicious they tasted!

Programs like this are so important. As a chef, it’s easy to focus only on the future, what’s happening tomorrow. Getting into the classroom helped me remember where I’ve come from and how I can support youth. I’m committed to helping students gain the skills they need to work in a kitchen, if they want to. I’ve already hired a previous student in my kitchen here at Carmen!” Luis Valenzuela, Co-Owner & Chef, Carmen & Mercat

Learners of all ages LOVE transforming their classroom, lunch room or staff room into a hustling, bustling kitchen with our Chefs in the Classroom program. Finally a super-easy, free of red tape, route to get real-life culinary professionals in front of your students!

Your class can connect and learn directly with our chefs (who, by the way, have Vulnerable Sector Checks and are ready to roll!) covering topics including:

What To Expect

We provide one chef and one staff educator to attend your Chefs in the Classroom session. We provide all workshop ingredients, however additional ingredients (e.g. from your school garden) can be accommodated on request. Classes are up to a maximum of 30 students and sessions run no longer than 2 hours. Schools are expected to provide a detailed description of the workshop space, utensils available (we provide additional utensils as needed), curriculum connections (if applicable) as well as any cultural requirements, allergies or intolerances in the group.


One 2 hour Chefs in the Classroom Workshop: $650*
*Price includes chef honourarium, FoodShare educator (coordination, preparation and facilitation), and all workshop ingredients
Note: Some groups may be eligible for free or reduced-cost workshops based on current funding available.

How To Apply

To get a Chefs in the Classroom session at your school, click this link to fill out an application form. Note: all workshops are subject to availability.

Subsidized workshops supported by

The Newlands Family Foundation

With pantry supplies generously provided by

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