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"This program is a great way to empower community leaders, having them at the forefront of environmental and social change." (Canning and Preserving Train-the-Trainer workshop participant)

Food’s about more than what’s on the plate. It’s also about who’s at the table and why they’ve come together. We believe that cooking and eating together holds power. The kind of power that connects folks and reduces social isolation.

FoodShare’s Community Kitchens are facilitated cooking workshops for small groups with the goal of strengthening bonds, building food skills and sharing a meal together. All workshops are opportunities for hands-on food preparation, with specific menus and goals in mind.

How Community Kitchens work:

Food allergy warning: our kitchen handles nuts, soy, shellfish, dairy, eggs and other common allergens.

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Jade Guthrie
Community Kitchen Facilitator

Program Lead

Jade Guthrie // Community Kitchen Facilitator

jade believes in the power of food as a meeting point – as a tool that creates space for people to come together. At FoodShare, jade's role as community kitchen facilitator gives her freedom to explore that space in relationship with communities across the city – cooking, preserving, eating, and learning together. jade develops and facilitates workshops with a few...see full bio