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"What a fantastic way to celebrate nutrition, raise awareness of various food discussions, and encourage a sense of both school and national unity!" - Salem Elementary School in New Brunswick

Since 2008, over 1 million people have joined us for the Great Big Crunch, an annual moment of anti-silence where everyone gets together and bites into crunchy fresh local produce in unison. The symphony is loud, whether you munch on apples or carrots. From coast to coast to coast, celebrate and enjoy healthy snacking with your class, colleagues or friends. Using vegetables and fruits as stars in recipes and fun activities will make you cherish the local bounty around us all.

NEW for 2020 – Find your Great Big Crunch Regional Lead!
This year, we want to connect you with folks nearby who can support you with more region-specific tips, tricks and connections to make your Crunch the biggest, best and most impactful yet. Find the list of Regional Leads below and let us know by emailing thegreatbigcrunch@foodshare.net if you’d like to be connected directly with them. For those that haven’t registered yet, you can indicate which Regional Lead you’d like to be connected with when you register.
  • British Columbia: BC Chapter of the Coalition for Healthy School Food (province-wide); Fresh Roots (Vancouver); Kalum Community School Society (Terrace)
  • Alberta: Red Deer Region (& surrounding)
  • New Brunswick: Food For All NB (province-wide)
  • South Western Ontario: The Local Community Food Centre (SW Ontario)
  • Manitoba: Farm to School Manitoba
  • National #NourishKidsNow campaign for a universal school food program: the Coalition for Healthy School Food (national)

How the Great Big Crunch works:

And remember, you can register and participate in the Great Big Crunch any time, year ’round!


2020 Great Big Crunch Toolkit

2020 Great Big Crunch Certificate (English/French)
2020 Great Big Crunch Poster (English/French)

Tried and Tested Lessons

Apple-Themed Story Books
Apple Dissection
Apple Fractions (Math)
Apple History, Customs, Facts
Apple Varieties
Crunch Chart
Crunching with Carrots
Crunching with Cucumbers
Earth as an Apple
How to Keep Your Apples from Turning Brown (Science)
Macky Mac & The Crunchy Bunch (Literacy)
Names and Games (Tasting)
Personal Apple π (Geometry)

Past Resources

2018 Great Big Crunch Certificate (English/French)
2018 Great Big Crunch Activities (English)
2018 Great Big Crunch Activities (French)
2018 Great Big Crunch Poster (English)
2018 Great Big Crunch Poster (French)
2017 Great Big Crunch Certificate (English)
2017 Great Big Crunch Certificate (French)
2017 Great Big Crunch Activities (English)
2017 Great Big Crunch Activities (French)
Great Big Crunch 2017 poster (Toronto)
Great Big Crunch 2017 poster (English)
Great Big Crunch 2017 poster (French)
2016 Great Big Crunch Activities

Great Big Crunch Certificate of Participation: English
2015 Great Big Crunch Activities
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How do you crunch?

On March 1st, 2018 at 2:30pm EST, how will you crunch? #greatbigcrunch

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Contact Brooke Ziebell if you have any question about this program.

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Brooke Ziebell // Field to Table Schools Manager

Brooke moved from Australia and joined the FoodShare team in 2009 - perfectly timing her arrival with an emerging local food movement and rapidly increasing public awareness of the importance of good food education. Immediately caught up in the buzz around food literacy, Brooke soon realized her joy was developing and implementing fun, hands-on food workshops and events for students...see full bio