“I had NOT heard about FoodShare prior to today… I am sold! I think what you do here is great! I certainly will use some of the activities learned today in my own class.” - a participant in a recent workshop.

With our shareable, open-source guides and toolkits, educators can easily bring food justice into their learning spaces. Our lesson plans help create culturally-affirming learning environments where participants of all ages can share and build on their knowledge about the food system and can identify ways to engage in creating meaningful change. Scroll down for programming ideas on the right to food, racial and environmental justice, reconciliation, body liberation and fat acceptance, and poverty reduction.


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This is where you'll find the most recently updated, re-vamped or freshly designed lesson plans, educational tools and learning units from Field to Table Schools. Whether it's an adapted tried and true activity from the early days, something hot off the press, or something literally "dusted off" because the time is right - again. We hope you find them useful!

Body Liberation Workshop Series

Week 1: Weight and See

Week 2: Is Beauty Really in the Eye of the Beholder?

Week 3: Body Policing

Week 4: Body(Lib)-Building

Right to Food Workshop Series

Adult learners

Youth learners

Green New Meal Series

Part 1: Foodprints 101

Part 2: Climate Justice is Racial Justice

Part 3: Serving Up a Green New Meal

Cook What You Love, Love What You Eat
With seven weeks of lesson plans, this series brings conversations about anti-oppression, anti-racism, and the food system into your classroom. Help us inspire the next generation of food activists!

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