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% of students say eating veggies & fruit is important to them after experiencing the Good Food Machine


% say know more about growing food


% say they've eaten something new to them

Before the holidays, the kids all harvested one last big salad from their tower garden. When asked if they wanted dressing for the salad, many said no, and were content to eat their leafy veggies without any additional dressing to make them "tastier". Rosemary said she never thought something like that would be possible, having kids just eat straight-up vegetables, without being coated in something. She was amazed.

Food education often happens outside the classroom. The Good Food Machine brings it right into the class. With aeroponic growing towers, mobile kitchen carts and digital learning tools, The Good Food Machine helps students learn about food while it grows in front of them.

Good Food Machine package options:

Good Food Machine components are available for purchase individually, or as a full package. Prices subject to change.

Total Good Food Machine package including all components starting at $9572.

Note: shipping is within 4 weeks except for the Kitchen Unit, which can take up to 8-12 Weeks. Shipping cost quotes for outside GTA are available upon request. Prices accurate as of May 2017 but may be subject to change.

Click here to purchase a Tower Garden (each purchase includes a $25 donation being made to FoodShare).


2018 Good Food Machine package options coming soon – email wynette@foodshare.net for details and to start building a package.


Thanks to LoyaltyOne and Green Bronx Machine for their support in getting the Good Food Machine started. Read more about the Good Food Machine at LoyaltyOne's website.


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Good Food Machine

This is the Good Food Machine. It's where kids learn to grow, cook and eat healthy food without ever leaving the classroom.

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