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FoodShare’s Indigenous Food Access Program works in solidarity with Indigenous communities to address food insecurity and colonialism in our food system. FoodShare isn’t Indigenous-led so we work on:

What Indigenous Food Access looks like at FoodShare:

Fresh Produce Distribution in Northern Communities

FoodShare supports fresh produce distribution to Northern communities in the James Bay region. Community-led markets provide lower cost options for Indigenous people living in the North who experience significantly higher food costs than those living in the South due to the impacts and on-going effects of colonization.

Land Based Teaching Series for Youth

Food is more than nutrition, it’s identity. Teachings from the Land: A Cross Cultural Food Justice Training will be implemented from June 2018 to September 2018. Through cultural teachings, the project engages Indigenous, racialized, and settler youth. They learn from one another and celebrate connection over food. Facilitated by Elders and Indigenous leaders, sessions focus on food justice, anti-oppression, cultural teachings, storytelling, traditional cooking, growing, harvesting and other traditional skills. FoodShare is partnering with multiple Indigenous-led organizations, community groups, and individuals for the implementation of the program.

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Gathering

It’s easier to build a movement when we connect. That’s why FoodShare will host an Indigenous Food Sovereignty Gathering in October 2018. It is an opportunity for Indigenous community leaders involved in food sovereignty from coast to coast to come together to share their work with one another for inspiration, collaboration and movement building.

How Indigenous Food Access Works:

Indigenous Advisory Circle

FoodShare is grateful for the guidance and support of our Indigenous Advisory Circle. FoodShare could not build relationships with Indigenous organizations and communities without counsel from the Circle. Members of the Advisory Circle are Indigenous community leaders involved in their communities with work around cultural reclamation, public health, community organizing, youth-led projects, and land based teachings.

FoodShare commits to creating meaningful opportunities for staff to gain knowledge of the impacts of colonialism in our food system and the systemic oppression Indigenous People continue to experience related to food insecurity. FoodShare is also working on adopting the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations within our workplace.

With support from Greenbelt Fund, Heritage Canada, OPSEU

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Contact Carolynne Crawley if you have any question about this program.

Carolynne Crawley
Indigenous Food Access Manager
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Program Lead

Carolynne Crawley // Indigenous Food Access Manager

Carolynne Crawley is a Mi'kmaw woman with African and Celtic ancestry from the East Coast, known today as Nova Scotia. She is dedicated to social and environmental justice and supporting Indigenous led community work related to food sovereignty and food security at FoodShare Toronto. Carolynne joined FoodShare in 2008. For eight years she worked as an Educator, building school food gardens, along with developing and facilitating...see full bio