Advancing food access

*August 1-7, 2021 is Good Food Market Week! More info here.*

Good Food Markets nourish people AND communities.

Good Food Markets increase access to high quality, culturally appropriate, affordable produce in neighbourhoods where it might not otherwise be available, and where farmers’ markets aren’t viable because sales are too low to cover farmers’ costs. Introducing a Good Food Market brings seasonal, local produce plus imported favourites to the neighbourhoods they serve. Markets act as a place-making tool to bring residents together, often evolving into informal community hubs with engaging activities, information booths, freshly prepared foods, artisanal vendors and harvest celebrations.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Good Food Markets have provided frontline support through neighbourhood access to high quality foods, wellness checks, and/or pivoting to emergency food services to serve those most affected. Please check out the Good Food Market map below to find the closest one to you!

How does the Good Food Markets program work?

FoodShare supports our Good Food Market partner organizations and resident leaders to operate independent markets by delivering fresh produce to them sourced from local farmers and from the Ontario Food Terminal (local and imported). We provide training, tools and resources to the coordinators who manage the operational aspects of the market.

To qualify for this program, interest in the development of a market should be driven by community members.  Markets must find a partner to handle leftover produce. FoodShare will not supply a business or individual with produce, since all produce purchased through us is part of a community development strategy to support community self-organization.

How can we support you to start a Good Food Market in your neighbourhood?

We can work with you to find a great location and advise on ordering, storing, and managing fresh produce to minimize losses. We provide trainings on market start-up, financial management, community engagement, partnership building, advertising and developing a sustainable market.

Are you interested in improving access to food for yourself and your community? Do you work for a community centre, health centre, school, grassroots group, social service or other agency that prioritizes food security and think this program would be a great fit in your neighbourhood? Explore the resources we have made available below and contact us to discuss the potential of hosting a market in your community.


Good Food Market – Brochure
Good Food Market – New Market Application
Good Food Market – Manual
Good Food Market – Sample Order Form
COVID-19 Guidance for Farmers’, Fresh Food, and Holiday Markets

Let us help you

Contact Tara Ramkhelawan (on leave) if you have any question about this program.

Tara Ramkhelawan (on leave)
Good Food Markets Senior Coordinator
416-363-6441 x223

Program Lead

Tara Ramkhelawan (on leave) // Good Food Markets Senior Coordinator

Tara Ramkhelawan began a degree in Space and Communication Science many years ago, but while taking an indefinite break to raise her 3 children, found a passion working and volunteering in community garden projects, markets, and health promotion, mostly in her Bathurst Quay neighbourhood. She has been a Tenant Representative in Toronto Community Housing since 2006, an experience which has helped her...see full bio