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Food justice is at the core of our work and mandate. We facilitate community development from the ground up because improving food access requires cultivating awareness and enhancing individual and community participation. We have made it a priority to work with communities to build a more democratic, just and equitable Ontario, impregnated with anti-oppression. We’re committed to creating awareness about systemic inequities that affect equitable access to basic needs and provide solutions to strengthen the food system. Furthermore, we wish to increase awareness of food justice across the GTA through trainings, workshops and community animation. How do we do it?

Cross-Cultural Food Access Innovation Hub

Toronto Public Health and the City of Toronto’s data have identified social, economic and logistic barriers experienced by immigrant communities, People of Colour (POC) and low income residents across the city. Some of the barriers include limited access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food. Additionally, our city-wide consultation in 2013 identified racial and cultural stigmatism, equitable access to community based resources and historic cultural trauma among the top concerns for community leaders, grassroots projects/groups, and initiatives stewarded by communities of colour, new Canadians and Indigenous communities.

The Cross-Cultural Food Access Innovation Hub (CFAI-HUB) initiative emerged as a solution to support and empower grassroots organizations to build sustainable communities. The CFAI-Hub is a platform where community led start-ups, ad hoc groups, collectives and committees can grow locally based food justice initiatives. Through a self-organization process, communities take the lead in developing solutions to address racism and exclusion in the food system. Communities also build and strengthen capacity through partnering with FoodShare.

Sustainable community development begins with capacity development for the community champions and allies that are most invested, and stand to gain from the development work being proposed. Because grassroots organizing is emotionally and financially taxing, the CFAI-Hub seeks to improve the success rate and effectiveness of grassroots organizations by relieving organizational and financial pressure on emerging community led initiatives. FoodShare Toronto provides capacity building support to our project partners through mentoring, training, consultation and overall support to emerging food access groups.

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Please contact Carolynne Crawley via the information below on this page. For any other inquiries, please contact Bibiana, CFAI-Hub Coordinator, via

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Contact Carolynne Crawley if you have any question about this program.

Carolynne Crawley
Food Justice and Indigenous Food Access Manager
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Carolynne Crawley // Food Justice and Indigenous Food Access Manager

Carolynne Crawley is a Mi'kmaq woman with both African and Celtic ancestry. She has more than 25 years working experience supporting children and youth as a Child & Youth Worker and as an Educator. During her career she recognized a connection between a child’s diet and behaviour. This inspired her to return to school to study holistic nutrition. Since then Carolynne...see full bio