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FoodShare, in partnership with Student Nutrition Toronto (SNT), supports over 750 healthy breakfast, morning meal, snack and lunch programs every school year. Our Student Nutrition Community Development Animator Team offers intensive on-site support for programs while our bulk produce program delivers the freshest vegetables and fruit- that nourish young minds and bodies.

Ensuring that all children and youth have access to healthy food at school through Student Nutrition Programs is an important step in setting healthy eating patterns for a lifetime. Students enjoy good food just like the rest of us, and when they share a snack or a meal together, friendships form that can last a lifetime. Well-nourished students are focused and ready to learn to the best of their ability.

Student Nutrition Programs:

How Student Nutrition Programs work:

FoodShare doesn’t start a program, we:

Do you want to start a Student Nutrition Program for your child and community? Connect with one of our Animators to learn about starting a program or find the one nearest you.


Student Nutrition Toronto

Breakfast, morning meal or lunch. We and our partners at Student Nutrition Toronto help support over 750 student nutrition programs where over 160,000 kids eat every single day. Hear from educators on the impact student nutrition programs have on student success and so much more.

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Contact Fiona Bowser if you have any question about this program.

Fiona Bowser
Senior Manager of Student Nutrition
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Program Lead

Fiona Bowser // Senior Manager of Student Nutrition

Fiona began with FoodShare in March 2005 as a part-time Community Development Animator and moved to full-time status as a Coordinator in September 2005. Fiona was born and raised in Toronto and continues to make her home here in the city. Prior to her work with FoodShare, she worked for 13 years in accounts receivable and another 12 years as a daycare provider. It is...see full bio