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"The Supportive Partnerships Platform has great people with beautiful hearts that really want us to strive. We’re excited to continue to work together," - Community Youth Leader

Community development is hard work, especially when resources are limited. It’s also vital if you want to improve food security. So what if we took a potluck approach to changemaking? FoodShare offers the Supportive Partnerships Platform, where community-led food initiatives leverage FoodShare’s existing assets to realize the change they seek.

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Are you interested in working with FoodShare through the Supportive Partnerships Platform? Please fill out this contact form to get started. Please note the Supportive Partnership Platform is currently at capacity and not accepting applicants. You can still fill out the Google Form and join the waitlist.

Why Supportive Partnerships?

Systemic inequities affect access to basic needs like food. While FoodShare’s scope isn’t limitless, we can offer resources to groups who have already identified the change they’d like to see in their communities. It’s all about developing community-led and self-determined solutions to address racism and exclusion in the food system.

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Contact Bibiana Virguez if you have any question about this program.

Bibiana Virguez
Community Food Animation Manager
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Program Lead

Bibiana Virguez // Community Food Animation Manager

Bibiana was born and raised in Colombia where she obtained an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Management. As part of her Thesis, Bibiana supported independent farmers in developing Agricultural Best Management Practices. While growing up, Bibiana was inspired by her dad’s municipal and provincial contribution in the education and social areas. In Colombia, she actively participated in Community...see full bio