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FoodShare offers cooking workshops for teams in the private, public and non-profit sectors who are interested in learning more about the connections between food, social justice and community engagement. 

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all of our workshop offerings are virtual until further notice.

Current Offerings  

In partnership with Care/Of, we recently launched a three-workshop series that’s part team building, part anti-oppression training.

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Good Food for All: Cooking & anti-oppression workshops  

Fusing a cooking class with anti-oppression training, these unique virtual workshops bring coworkers together to prepare a meal and consider their own role in the food system.

With fresh ingredients delivered right to each team member’s door, colleagues receive step-by-step cooking instructions and a guided discussion on the ways that forces such as racism and colonization have shaped how and what we eat.

This workshop series is designed to: 

Workshop Themes To Choose From

  1.  Putting Race on the Table:
    Your team will participate in anti-racist learning activities, with a focus on unpacking settler-colonialism and systemic racism in our food system. Dive deep into the interconnections between food justice and racial justice while learning to make homestyle Jamaican comfort food from scratch.
  2. Body Liberation & Fat Acceptance Baking:
    This experience will guide you step-by-step through some sweet treats that you can share with your loved ones – or keep for yourself! Learn how to make a delicious, seasonal galette or pie while engaging in food-justice-based discussions around body policing, weight stigma, body liberation, and fat acceptance. Learn how factors like white supremacy, anti-black racism, and ableism intersect with body policing.
  3. Reducing Your ‘Foodprint’:
    Interested in learning more about the environmental impacts of our food system? This session will explore the concept of a ‘foodprint’ – prompting conversations about both the environmental and social factors that we should consider when making food choices. Putting this into practice, participants will learn how to do some quick at-home fridge canning as a way of reducing food waste.

Workshop Details: 


Learning Outcomes

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About Care/Of:  Care/Of produces online cultural experiences and workshops for remote workforces. Built through an arts and culture lens with organizational psychology principles, the programs are designed to build stronger teams while creating opportunities for local artists and chefs.

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Pronouns: she/her/hers jade believes in the power of food as a meeting point – as a tool that creates space for people to come together. At FoodShare, jade's role as an educator gives her freedom to explore that space in relationship with communities across the city – cooking, preserving, eating, and learning together. jade develops and delivers workshops with a...see full bio