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Jade Guthrie
Community Learning and Engagement Curriculum Lead and Educator

Caring for littles is a big job! We’re here to help. Learn the basics of how to feed your little one with our Early Years Food Basics program. Each hands-on workshop shares the skills and builds the confidence you need to make your own wholesome food. Learn about when and how to introduce new foods, use equipment for making food from scratch and learn all about food safety so you can prepare your family’s favourite foods with confidence.

We work with a team of trained and dedicated educators to offer workshops in seven different languages. Contact us today to book a workshop through one of our community partners.


Are these workshops for kids or adults? 

These sessions are for parents, caregivers, and adults. Adults are always welcome to bring their babies and kids along with them to a session.

Does one session cover all of the stages from Baby to Preschool? 

Our Early Years Food Basics program is made up of three separate workshops: 

  • Baby Food Basics: includes when and how to introduce solids to your baby, how to prepare and store homemade baby foods
  • Toddler Food Basics: learn how to plan meals and snacks for your toddler, the importance of modeling, and tips for a “picky eater”
  • Preschool Food Basics: covers how to choose foods for your preschooler with confidence, and get ideas for planning & packing a school lunch

What’s the cost? 

Workshops in the Early Years Food Basics program are free – we use funding from United Way and some generous community foundations to fully cover the cost of the program. 

How can I book a workshop?

Workshops are usually hosted in partnership with a local community group, library, EarlyON center or agency. Reach out to our staff and we can work together to host a session for your community group.

Are workshops virtual? 

We can run virtual sessions or in-person – get in touch to book. 

Do you offer translation? 

Our staff are able to deliver sessions directly in languages other than English, and we can book a translator as needed to support participants in your group who speak another language. 

Does the workshop include food? 

For in-person workshops, the facilitator will bring samples to demonstrate


  • Baby and Toddler Nutrition – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Baby and Toddler Nutrition – Introducing Solid Food To Baby (6mths-1yr) – This guide will show you just how easy it is to introduce solids to your little one, beginning with pureed, all the way through to family-friendly finger foods! FoodShare has been working with new parents and caregivers for many years to promote the benefits of home-made baby food. It is also available in the following languages:
  • Feeding Your Toddler (1-3yrs)This guide will show you just how easy it is to provide your child with a wonderful range of foods they need to grow and stay healthy. FoodShare has been working with parents and caregivers across Toronto for years, promoting the benefits and ease of home-made baby and toddler food as well as providing tips, hints and recipes for success! It is also available in the following languages:
  • Flyers to promote the programThis flyer can be used to advertise the Baby and Toddler Nutrition Program to your programs, peers and friends! Prints as a PDF, two per page.
  • Making Baby Food at HomeFeaturing peer educator Marcela, this video is a preview of our Baby Food Basics workshop and will show you how to make home-made baby food using common kitchen tools and foods that the rest of your family are eating. This is an affordable option and gives you control over the quantity and texture of food as your baby grows.