Diverting food waste with every slice

Spent Goods

FoodShare is excited to partner with The Spent Goods Company, a local business that is transforming food by-products and combating climate change, to bring nutritious and delicious products to our partners and customers.

Did you know? Breweries produce millions of kilograms of spent barley grains each year, leftover from the brewing process. Rather than ending up in local landfills, The Spent Goods Company is transforming these spent barley grains into delicious and nutritious food products – right here in Toronto.

The Spent Goods Company works with Henderson Brewery and Drake Commissary to craft nutrient-rich artisan baked goods, including a variety of breads and crackers. All products are free of preservatives and additives. And it’s more than just better bread – diverting fibre-rich barley grains from going to waste helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a key component of climate change.

FoodShare is collaborating with The Spent Goods Company to deliver bread across Toronto in two ways:

Our Good Food Box

Baked goods are available to add to your Good Food Box order! Choose from delicious options like:

Beer Bread Sourdough

4x Whole Grain Loaf

Beer Crisps

Student Nutrition Programs

The 4x Whole Grain Loaf is available for adding onto your bulk produce order! Made in Toronto with ingredients that are easy to pronounce, without any preservatives and additives. This nutrient rich bread is 100% Halal and 100% Vegan. The four whole grains included are whole wheat, barley, spelt and rye. Approved by Toronto Public Health for use in student nutrition programs.

Order through orders@foodshare.net or 416-363-6441 x 275.