Arsema Tsehaie Berhane
Board Member

Audit and Finance Committee, Nominations and Board Orientation Committee

A global citizen born in Asmara-Eritrea, Arsema passionately contributes to cultural, youth and community development in Toronto. With love and integrity, she advocates for systemic change at the policy and grassroots levels. Working in the social service sector for over two decades, Arsema has served in many leadership capacities and strives to advance a vision of community building through resident engagement, civic action and community economic development. Volunteering with the AfriCan Food Basket ignited Arsema’s passion for Food Justice and led her to be an active member of the FoodShare family for the past eight years. Currently, Arsema's joy is raising her beautiful babies and honouring the legacy of her late brother Nahom. Her strength is rooted in family, faith and community!