Arsema Tsehaie Berhane
Student Nutrition Toronto Cabinet Representative

A global citizen born in Asmara-Eritrea, Arsema passionately contributes to cultural, youth and community development in Toronto. With love and integrity, she advocates for systemic change at the policy and grassroots levels. Arsema has a BHSC in Health Science and Community Development and has been working in the social service sector for the past 17 years. She is a founding member of the Eritrean Youth Collective, a former Board Chair of the Young Diplomats and an alumnus of the Creative Institute for Toronto’s Young (CITY) Leaders. Arsema has also served as Co-Chair of the Ontario Youth Matter! Campaign, lobbying all levels of government to develop a coordinated youth policy framework for the province of Ontario.

As a Manager of Revitalization and Renewal Communities at Toronto Community Housing, Arsema strives to advance a vision of community building through resident engagement, civic action and community economic development. Volunteering with the AfriCan Food Basket ignited Arsema’s passion for Food Justice! She is a member of the Toronto Food Policy Council and the Toronto Agricultural Program Joint Sector-City Working group. She is a co-founder of Jigna Organic Inc. (JOI), providing communities in Toronto with locally grown organic produce since 2010.

Arsema strongly believes in the values of FoodShare and is elated to serve on the board! Arsema enjoys travelling, connecting with people from all walks of life and she endeavours to own and operate her own farm in the future. Her strength is rooted in family, faith and community!