Ashley Edwards
Community Engagement Coordinator at Flemo Farm

Ashley believes in the power of food to bring change – as a tool that nurtures spaces for people to safely come together, where they are heard and supported. Ashley will work as a Garden Coordinator which will give her the freedom to explore that space through meaningful relationships with communities across the city – growing, cooking, sharing, and learning together.

Ashley's focus is to bring a greater awareness to the intersectionalities between food, disability, mental health and accessibility by using an anti- oppression critical lens. Her background in advocacy for NGO radical social policy changes means that she seeks to engage in non performative frameworks such as anti- poverty, food justice and sovereignty movement support that are representative of those communities.

A few other things about her include: she is forever enamored by the really cool diversity of vegetables, enjoys eating different curries from all over the world and will always say that she is more accurate than the weather news predictions about rain forecasts thanks to her barometric headaches - which always comes in handy for growing veggies!