Atullya Singh
CAMH Garden Coordinator & Community Gardens Lead

Atullya's role as the CAMH Garden Coordinator and Community Gardens Lead gives him the freedom to explore that space in relationships with communities across the city – cultivating, growing, and learning together. He believes in weaving parables from the spontaneous wisdom of the natural world, and finding ways to nourish the human through consuming and being consumed with nature in it's endless forms. He hopes to recast his atmosphere in a receptive, rhythmic and restorative spirit, that consequently reveals the natural harmony between all the systems that interact within.

Atullya came to Canada from India to study Computer Science in 2011. Soon enough, he got sick of all the germs on his keyboard, and started playing with some real dirt, facilitating backpacking adventures in Ontario's wilderness. He then went back to Asia to reconnect with his roots, and ended up connecting with all kinds of roots on various farms. Having recently finished his third season growing food on Canadian soil, he is now with us to further diversify his microbiome. You can count on him to leave all the good puns for you to make, to sing like everyone's listening and to eat ALL THE FRUIT.