Ayesha Khalid
Student Nutrition Program Coordinator

Ayesha was educated in Pakistan and received a Masters in Science Education and Bachelor of Science (Pre-Med) before arriving in Canada in 2001. In Canada she worked as an emergency supply teacher in elementary schools, and prior to coming to FoodShare, she was the coordinator of a successful student nutrition program for grades K to 8. Building on her experience in the nutrition program, Ayesha now shares her knowledge with other coordinators and volunteers to help make their programs sustainable.

Ayesha’s passion for meeting and working with new people, her ability to quickly put anyone at ease with her friendly nature and smile and her sincere desire to help to train others are very strong assets. Her ‘hands-on’ approach and kind, patient nature with everyone helps to ensure positive outcomes for the programs she assists and the rest of the Student Nutrition Community Development Team at FoodShare. Ayesha’s interests outside of FoodShare are her love of music and travel.