jade guthrie
Community Learning and Engagement Manager

Pronouns: she/her/hers

jade believes in the power of food as a meeting point – as a tool that creates space for people to come together.

At FoodShare, jade's role as an educator gives her freedom to explore that space in relationship with communities across the city – cooking, preserving, eating, and learning together. jade develops and delivers workshops with a few things in mind – opening up meaningful conversations (about food, food practices, and our food system), exchanging knowledge (food skills, recipes, tips and tricks), and creating connections (sharing stories, food, and laughter). Her background in social work (MSW) brings an anti-oppressive, critical lens to the work she does around food, with a focus on engaging with food justice and sovereignty movements in meaningful ways. She is particularly passionate about mobilizing the stories we tell (both ourselves and others) about food as a means of creating connections and building community.

Beyond 9-5, jade is a community organizer with Justicia for Migrant Workers, an advocacy co-lead on the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, and an organizing member of the Soul Food Project TO. A few other things that she’s interested in include radical social policy, wine (both theoretical and practical dimensions), and dancehall music. Outside of that, you can usually find her eating dumplings, watching reality TV, complaining about her allergies, and/or cooking for/with her pals.

jade enjoys speaking on the following topics:

  • How our food system is deeply connected to racism, colonialism, and other systems of oppression.
  • What 'sustainable' food really means — how we can take care of the land, as well as the people who grow, produce, and prepare our food.
  • Ways to open up critical conversations about our food system with kids and youth.
  • Exploring connections between food, identity, and culture.
  • Visibilizing the labour of folks in the food system, with a focus on migrant agricultural workers.