Javad Mozafari
CAMH Sunshine Garden & Community Gardens Coordinator
416-363-6441 x211

Javad is an experienced graduate of agricultural science from University of Guelph who has worked on sustainable agriculture, food security, biodiversity and their interfaces with climate change throughout his career. He is also a passionate community activist and grassroot leader advocating for diversity and resiliency of food systems, right to food and food justice.

At the local level, Javad has been collaborating with Flemingdon Health Centre on several issues including among others: i) teaching a training workshop series on ‘Vegetable Container Gardening’ with the view to enhance physical and mental health as well as food security in the community, and ii) assisting FHC as a Community Ambassador in promoting Covid-19 public health measures and vaccination efforts. He is also connected with the network of community leaders and local community development agencies and planning tables in Flemingdon Park and Thorncliffe Park neighborhoods.

In addition, Javad has been working on topics such as ‘Environmentally Friendly Foods of the Future’ ; ‘Adapting Food Systems to Climate Change’; and Vegetable Home/Balcony Gardening in collaboration with Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities; Centre for Connected Communities; and Oriole Community Garden, respectively.

A long and unique experience of working with the United Nations agencies (e.g. FAO, WIPO, CBD, UNEP, UNDP), has enabled Javad with a considerable capacity in negotiating and facilitating cooperation among various stakeholders to build synergy. As an educator and researcher, making detailed observations, collecting, analysis and interpretation of data, and providing practical solutions have formed a major chunk of his career which he loves to continue and contribute to the tradition of success in FoodShare.