Marina Pucci
Compost Facilitator

Marina is a nature enthusiast from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Marina’s passion for the environment began at a very young age and includes all kinds of creatures, even the ones some would refer to as the ugly and yucky ones. Prior to moving to Canada, Marina acquired a degree in Biological Sciences from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. During her university studies, Marina furthered her knowledge and commitment to the processes of the natural world and gained important skills related to environmental education.

Marina arrived in Toronto in 2014 and found herself living at a walking distance from Toronto’s largest urban farm where she started volunteering and getting involved in Urban Agriculture activities.

In 2015, Marina was granted FoodShare’s Introduction to Organic Growing certificate. In April 2016, FoodShare welcomed Marina as the Compost Facilitator to manage all food waste from the organization’s program in their mid-sized compost facility and vermicompost system. Through her work at FoodShare, Marina engages many volunteers, students, and community partners by sharing her knowledge of transforming organic waste into rich compost that helps build healthy soils and subsequently healthy plants. Marina’s work at FoodShare has a direct impact and is a crucial step towards growing local and organic foods while maximizing Urban farming yields.